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cow jumping over goat and goat jumping under cow

Mom says, "Bath time!" Little girl in robot costume says, "Robots don't take baths!"

dance class: little girl says, "Robots Love Ballet! beep! boop! beep! boop! dance! dance! dance!" the other little girls in class side-eye her.

lemur in bat costume stuck in tree and hanging upside down. sheep on rollerskates coming to the rescue. real bats sleeping in tree.

sheep and lemur on playground toys (sheep has car, lemur has bee), and both dreaming about flying in the sky on the toys

4 panel comic: cow gets idea (lightbulb), cow draws (a cow), cow reads books, cow types on computer

elephant vs. mean brother: elephant lifts brother up in the air and glares at him, while sister looks on and sticks out her tongue

Elephants facing each other and making music with their trunks like trumpets. Music notes in the bacground.

unicorn with purple main, tail, hooves, horn, and wings, jups through a star shaped scene

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