EWE AND AYE by Candace Ryan, illustrated by Stephanie Ruble
Please scroll down to see four of my favorite illustrations from the book, plus an Easter Egg to look for too.

Note: EWE AND AYE is now available as an ebook!

ISBN: 978-142317591-9
ebook ISBN: 978-136800521-0

Release Date: December 9, 2014 (ebook release date: August 2, 2016)
Publisher: Disney*Hyperion.
Press Kit: Please Click Here.

Catalog Copy: EWE was a sheep with a feel for wheels. AYE was a lemur with a thing for wings. BUT it wasn’t until Ewe and Aye found one another that things really got off the ground. Whimsical word play and heartfelt humor work hand-in-hand in this irresistibly vibrant celebration of the unlimited possibilities of togetherness.

Inside The Book: Here are four of my favorite illustrations from EWE AND AYE, plus an Easter Egg to look for in the book.

sheep riding downhill on a unicycle, while the lemur runs up the next hill chasing a butterfly and wearing butterfly wings

lemur in bat costume stuck in tree and hanging upside down. sheep on rollerskates coming to the rescue. real bats sleeping in tree.

sheep and lemur riding bike with wings off of ramp and startle two birdies flying by

The image above opens up to the gatefold below, which is double the width of the rest of the pages in the book, and looks much better in real life ;) -

sheep and lemur riding their bike with wings into the clouds

Easter Egg: I didn't mean to sneak the word, "toy" into this illustration. Originally there were four tools in Ewe's tool belt, but they were squished and one needed to go. When I pulled one out, this image is the result. The toolbelt now spells out the word "TOY." Can you find it in the book?

close up of sheep's tool belt with a hammer, tape measure, and wrench showing. they form the word "toy"

Kirkus: "Ryan’s punning is nicely expanded in Ruble’s zippy illustrations. ... Lots of fun."

School Library Journal: "The goggle-wearing animals in their heart-soled sneakers are expressive and charming. ... The wordplay is clever, and the art is sweet ..."

Publisher's Weekly: "But the real attraction is debut illustrator Ruble—she brings an exuberant energy to each scene ..."

Booklist: "Positive and inspirational, this will strike a chord with young readers who have big dreams."

The EWE AND AYE ebook is available from your favorite ebook retailer, or click here to buy it from Barnes and Noble.


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