Please scroll down to see my picture book art, including art from the book, EWE AND AYE, written by Candace Ryan at the bottom of the page, or click a link above to see more art.

pool with 7 kids in it, most looking up at the girl jumping off the diving board, yelling, "CANNONBALL!" girl is shown in a series of images, jumping off diving board with a blue cannon shape behind her, then in three circles slowly bringing her knees up, putting her arms around her knees, then tucking her chin when she hits the water with a big splash. the boy closest to her in the water is facing away, with his hand up as if to ward off the water


girl and robot standing with arms crossed  and giving each other the side eye. both are wearing tutus

girl screaming, with arms up and mouth wide. robot behind her is looking at her and mimicking her pose. they’re both wearing tutus

girl giving a robot the side eye because they have a flower vase on their head and bees flying around it. girl and robot are both wearing tutus and are perfoming basic ballet positions

a robot and girl are dancing the robot on left jumps into the air, and the girl on the right performs a ballet leap, they’re both wearing tutus



unicorn with fuschia, blue, and yellow glasses driving a light grey van with a picture of them in a three colored circle (fuschia, yellow and blue) reading a book with a yellow star on the back, with a speech bubble, “Unicorn’s Book Mobile” to the top right, and “Read and Sparkle” with a purple star on the lower right. light blue sky with blue and white clouds and 3 butterflies (green, orange, and purple), with grass and bushes in foreground