About Stephanie Ruble (a.k.a. sruble):

Short Bio: Stephanie Ruble is an author/illustrator who loves writing stories and drawing pictures of children and animals, especially cows! She’s from Minnesota, where the winters were cold and snowy, and the summers were hot and mosquito-y. She currently lives in New York with her husband. She is the illustrator of the picture book EWE AND AYE, written by Candace Ryan.

Medium Sized Bio (with extra cows): Stephanie Ruble is an author/illustrator who loves writing stories and drawing pictures of cows! (And also children and other animals including: elephants, bunnies, chickens, alligators, sheep, and lemurs.) She grew up in Minnesota, where the winters were cold and snowy, and the summers were hot and mosquito-y. She calls her home state Minne-SNOW-ta for a reason. Stephanie currently lives in New York with her husband, where she enjoys the milder winters and imagines what NYC would be like if were filled with cows. She is the illustrator of the picture book EWE AND AYE, written by Candace Ryan. EWE AND AYE stars a sheep and a lemur who both want to fly, but don't achieve their dream until they work together to make it possible. There are no cows in EWE AND AYE. Stephanie is hoping there will be cows in her future books and is currently working on several book ideas featuring cows. Sometimes the cows are not the main characters, but manage to sneak into the book somewhere. You can never have too many cows in books.

Super Size Bio (with pictures and an explanation about the cows): Stephanie Ruble is an author/illustrator who loves writing about and drawing pictures of children and animals, like: cows, elephants, bunnies, chickens, alligators, sheep, and lemurs too! Cows are her favorite animals to draw and make up stories about. This native Minnesotan currently lives in New York with her husband. She is the illustrator of the picture book EWE AND AYE, written by Candace Ryan.

In first grade, Stephanie decided she was an artist (because she could draw Snoopy). A self portrait from first grade:

child's drawing of a girl with long brown hair, a striped shirt, brown pants, and yellow shoes

Stephanie also made up stories to go along with her pictures. The Fish With A Smile Like A Crocodile is one of the first pieces of art and text she that she put together and was really proud of. It was created using a crayon resist* technique. (Which she loved as a child and still loves.)
*Crayon resist is a process of painting watercolor over crayon. The crayon resists the water and it shows through the paint.

bright colored yellow, green, and blue striped fish with a big smile and a long nose, and a hat swimming in the ocean, there's also an octopus with a hat and an eel with a hat, and a fish without a hat, plus some sea plants, anenomea, and coral

On the back of the painting, her teacher wrote, "A. An excellent picture. Good article." There's no age or date, but it was probably third grade (her fourth grade stories are text only, no pictures). The teacher gave her a good grade, but she stapled the text on top of the art! Nooooooooo! Stephanie was able to remove the story and save the art (with a little Photoshop magic to fix the holes).

Here's a more recent underwater image. It's a shark who also has a big toothy smile:

small shark with glasses swims in the sea

Some of Stephanie's Creative Influences:
* Animals (espeically cows): Stephanie watched the very first episode of Sesame Street (according to her Mom). The show had a looooong segment about a trip to a dairy farm, and there were tons of cows! This is probably why she likes drawing cows, either that, or it's because she's from Moo-nesota. One year she drew a cow a day, every day. That's 366 cows! (It was leap year.) She's still drawing cows, and will probably never stop! Unfortunately, she doesn't have any of her cow pictures from when she was young, but here's a recent image of cows taking a selfie:

eleven cows with various facial expressions and spots, stripes, and solid coats, in greys, brown, tan, and rust colors, are posing for a selfie

* Kitty: When Stephanie was little, she had a stuffed animal named Kitty. She made up stories and adventures for Kitty, who had adventrures in another land by going through a hollow tree. Unfortunately, Stephanie doesn't remember the details of the world inside Kitty's hollow tree, but she does have drawings she made! Here's Kitty and her hollow tree:

red cat standing in front of hollow tree (there are red whiskers peeking out of the hollow tree)

* Comic Strips: Stephanie loved newspaper comic strips growing up, and still does! Some of her favorites are: The Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield, Bloom County, The Far Side, For Better or For Worse, Pearls Before Swine, Get Fuzzy, and Zits. She has created comic strips and a mini comic (for a class and The MOCCA Arts Festival), and incorporated comics elements, like panels, speech bubbles, and thought bubbles, in her first picture book. Here's a spread with panels from her picture book, EWE AND AYE:

sheep on tire filled with helium going up and up, until the tire pops, and the sheep goes down, down, until she's on the ground

Here's a spread with a speech bubble from EWE AND AYE:

Ewe and Aye talk about flying. There's a speech bubble between them where they're both speaking, but there are pictures instead of words: wheel + wings = wheel with wings

Here's a panel from her MOCCA mini comic (featuring Sheila The Zombie Cheerleader, who is afraid of chickens). Click Here to learn more about Sheila and see more art from the mini comic:

girl wearing cheerleading uniform and carrying pom poms, with dark circles under her eyes, says, "Eep!" and "GULP!" There are four chickens standing in front of her.

* Halloween: It's Stephanie's favorite holiday, probably because she like zombies and other things that go bump in the night. Or maybe because it's when people give you candy (unless you're Charlie Brown in The Peanuts Halloween Special, which is so unfair). Or maybe it's because Stephanie was born two days after Halloween and it always seemed like Halloween was part of her birthday. Or it could be all three. Here is one of Stephanie's Halloween paintings from first grade (another crayon resist picture):

giant orange pumpkin, red bat,  white ghost, and green grass, with a black sky

Here's a more recent image where the ghosts are the ones getting treats:

Ghosts lined up at an ice cream truck in the clouds. One ghost flies away with a red Popsicle.

* Winter: Even though Stephanie grew up in Minnesota, she's not a fan of snow or winter. In first grade, she even wrote a poem about hating winter! Despite this, she liked drawing winter scenes (still does). Maybe it's because she liked skating, sledding, making snowmen, and making snow angels too. Here's a winter picture Stephanie made in third grade:

two snowmen on the left, with one on top of the hill and one on the bottom, with a pine tree and little red bird to the right of it, and another red bird at a bird feeder on top of the hill. There are 4 people sledding (one pulling another one and one falling off, and a 5th person partially in the picture in the top right)

(There were no snowboards then, so even though it looks like the kid on the left is riding a snowboard, they're probably being pulled on a sled by the kid at the top of the page. Either that, or Stephanie was ahead of her time, or had a time machine, or could see into the future.) Here's a more recent winter image:

crowd of 13 snow people of different sizes crowded in for a picture, with carrot noses, coal for eyes, mouths, and buttons, wearing hats, scarves, and ear muffs

Stephanie's art is influenced by the things she sees, reads, and hears, and also by things she liked when she was a kid. Please click here to see more of Stephanie's current art in her portfolio.