EWE AND AYE by Candace Ryan, illustrated by Stephanie Ruble
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EWE AND AYE is now available as an ebook!

Release Date: December 9, 2014
(ebook release date: August 2, 2016)

Publisher: Disney*Hyperion.

ISBN: 978-142317591-9
(ebook ISBN: 978-136800521-0)

Catalog Copy: EWE was a sheep with a feel for wheels. AYE was a lemur with a thing for wings. BUT it wasn’t until Ewe and Aye found one another that things really got off the ground.

Whimsical word play and heartfelt humor work hand-in-hand in this irresistibly vibrant celebration of the unlimited possibilities of togetherness.

Kirkus: "Ryan’s punning is nicely expanded in Ruble’s zippy illustrations. ... Lots of fun."

School Library Journal: "The goggle-wearing animals in their heart-soled sneakers are expressive and charming. ... The wordplay is clever, and the art is sweet ..."

Publisher's Weekly: "But the real attraction is debut illustrator Ruble—she brings an exuberant energy to each scene ..."

Booklist: "Positive and inspirational, this will strike a chord with young readers who have big dreams."

Don't have a bookstore near you? Here are a few of my favorite bookstores that can ship books to you, and may still have signed copies of EWE AND AYE available:
MN: Red Balloon Bookshop
OR: Powell's Books

DE: Browseabout Books
NY: Books Of Wonder