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girl wearing cape while playing hopscotch

Girl pulling a rabbit out of a hat, except that it's not a rabbit. It's a bear wearing bunny ears! The rabbit is hiding behind the girl's legs.

crab telling a story to an octopus and a mermaid peering over a large piece of coral.

Robot wearing a cow floatie around waist and arm floaties being dragged by girl toward ocean. Robot says, "Robots don't swin!" Girl says, "But you're waterproof!"

Annoyed girl wearing winter coat, hat, and gloves, carrying an umbrella and trying to figure out why it's both raining and snowing. She's standing next to a ruler to measure the snow, which is being melted by the rain.

wolf trying to hitch a ride on a car driven by two pigs (or trying to get inside the car to eat them)

one pig driving a combine and four pigs riding while carrying, a snow brush and wearing ear muffs, a shovel, a pitchfork, and pushing a wheelbarrow full of eggs

Pirate cow with parrot on head, wearing a bandanna, earring, and skull and crossbone cufflinks, holding a bottle of moo milk and singing, "Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of milk!" Parrot says, "Arr! Bottle of Milk! Bottle of milk!"

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