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New Projects: If you're an art director or editor at a traditional publisher or an agent inquiring about representation, please send me an email at ruble.stephanie (at) gmail.com. I'd be happy to share more information about my art and/or writing. (If possible, please put "Moo" somewhere in the subject line so I'll know it's not spam. Thanks!)

Note: I am not looking for projects with self publishers at this time.

Places to find me online:

* Twitter - @stephanieruble

* Instagram - @stephanie.ruble (I recently joined Instagram, so you can find me there now too.)

* blog - http://sruble.blogspot.com/

* CBIG (Children's Book Illustrators Group) website and blog

* SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators)

* email - sruble (at) sruble.com - Please put, "Moo," in the subject line (before the subject of your email) so I know it's not spam. Why Moo? I like cows, and moo is the way they say hello (also, goodbye, how's the weather, and pretty much everything else cows talk about - the meaning is all in how they say moo). Plus, it's more fun to say than hello, and spam bots don't use it. If it doesn't say, "Moo," and I don't know you personally, the email will probably be marked as spam and deleted without being read.

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