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sheep on a playground toy car springing toward a lemur on a playground toy bee springing toward her

Ewe and Aye talk about flying.
(One of six images. Please scroll down to see the rest. From the book: EWE AND AYE written by Candace Ryan, illustrated by Stephanie Ruble - now available as an ebook! - For more information about the book, please Click Here.)

sheep on rollerskates racing to save a lemur (dressed as a bat) who is upside down in vines hanging from a tree - there are real bats hanging off ot the branches

Aye got stuck.

sheep on a tire filled with helium going up, up, up, until the tire pops and the sheep goes down, down, down

Ewe got a flat tire.

lemur on top of a tree house and sheep on top of a wood house both staring up at the moon

Ewe and Aye dream about flying.

sheep and lemur floating down city streets as balloons, with buildings in the background and little sheep and lemurs holding the balloon strings

Ewe and Aye balloons in the Thanksgiving Parade!
(Note: This image isn't in the book. It was just for fun.)

sheep iand lemur drawing their playground toys (car and bee) with crayons

Ewe and Aye in a Celebridot!
(Note: This image isn't in the book. It's a reimagining of the back cover and was for a Celebridot. Click here to learn more.)

cover of the book, Ewe and Aye

Ewe and Aye book cover.