New Art For Fun Section: I'm always working on projects or art for my portfolio, but I also like to make time to make art just for fun. Art that's just for fun might be in a different style, use a different medium, or it could even be a doodle (the image below is a doodle I did with paint). I thought it would be fun to share some of this art on my site. Click Here to to see the new Art For Fun section.

For sneak peeks at new portfolio pieces, art for fun, and posts about process on my blog, click here to go to my blog.

Glide and EEK! - In fall of 2016, wrote and illustrated a short story for Halloween. Glide and EEK! features a ghost kitty who is easily startled, especially on Halloween. Click Here to read Glide and EEK!

Interviews and guest posts:

Mr. Schu let me finish his sentences on his blog, Watch. Connect. Read.

Mr. Pig, from Little Crooked Cottage visited my studio.

Ewe and Aye got to be on a Celebridot, and I had fun re-imagining the back cover of their book, EWE AND AYE.

Ever wondered how to make a picture book dummy? My guest post for Smart Dummies, Three Ways To Make A Picture Book, could help you learn how, or make you laugh. As a bonus, it comes with a unicorn!

Want to be an author and/or illustrator? Check out my kidlit ABCs section for tips, books, and links.

Current Projects: I'm working on art for my portfolio and 3 picture books 1. a girl and a robot set out to prove something but keep getting thwarted, 2. an animal counting book that ends up getting derailed, and 3. a story about three curious chickens and a big bad wolf.