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small dinosaur with aqua spotted cape on a yellow background

baby dinosaur carrying blanket and teddy bear and looking scared

baby dino getting a hug from a big dino with green and pink hearts in the background

baby in a pink shirt with a flower on it, riding on the back of parent's bike, playing with a toy car & helicopter. A striped yellow backpack full of animal toys is attached to her seat. Her parent is wearing a green shirt with a car on the front and has a purple and pink striped backpack. black outline around figures

dog looking at baby, while baby looks back warily at dog.

small shark with glasses swims in the sea

a chicken in the grass looks closely at ten ants on the road

alligator giving the side eye to flamingo, who is glaring back

eleven cows with various facial expressions and spots, stripes, and solid coats, in greys, brown, tan, and rust colors, are posing for a selfie

4 panel comic with black and white cow. Panels (left to right, top to bottom) 1. cow with thought bubble with lightbulb in it 2. cow drawing a picture of a cow 3. cow reading a book with a stack of books next to them 4. cow on computer typing

green werewolves with big black eyes driving space ships, with a chicken on the ground yelling, “BWAAK!”

brown cow with star shaped spots on their right eye and back jumps on a pogo stick on the sidewalk in 4 panels. blue sky with a cloud moving through the panels. l to r: 1. side view small bounce, 2. front view, slightly higher bounce, 3. back view with left foot out and a little bit higher, 4. front view but turned slightly because the right foot just slipped off the bar and the cow looks worried

sheep on tire filled with helium going up and up, until the tire pops, and the sheep goes down, down, until she's on the ground

I incorporated comics elements, like panels, speech bubbles, and thought bubbles, into the picture book, EWE AND AYE (written by Candace Ryan, illustrated by me). Below is a second spread from EWE AND AYE:

Ewe and Aye talk about flying. There's a speech bubble between them where they're both speaking, but there are pictures instead of words: wheel + wings = wheel with wings

unicorn with wings jumping / flying just off the ground - star shape in background has the sky and ground in it