Starting today, I'll be posting linked art and writing prompts to promote creativity for kids stuck at home. The first two are below. Looking for coloring pages? They're after the prompts. Please scroll down to see them. Click on an image to download a coloring page.

Prompt #1: There's an old saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Create pictures of lions and lambs meeting. Write down what you think their conversation would be.

Things to think about: Are they meeting for the first time? Are they old friends? Is it a long conversation? Do they speak like people do? Or do they make sounds like the real animals? If they only make sounds, how do you get across what their conversation is about?


Prompt #2: Happy Spring! Write about your favorite part of spring and draw a picture to go with it.

Things to think about: Are the flowers your favorite? How about baby birds and animals, or warmer weather, or something else? Or maybe you like a little bit of everything! The first day of spring this year is March 19th.

Check back next week for a new prompt! (Previous prompts will be archived starting next week.)


Coloring Pages!

Cat, Mouse, Cake Pie Bear Lost Sock Train
Pigs On A Combine Sunny Day Smart Gators

Click here for another coloring page!