Please scroll down to see some recent work from art challenges, experiments, or my sketchbook. There are a lot of birds, because I'm drawing birds for the 100 Day Project this year. You can see more of my recent art on Instagram or Twitter.

Three purple birds walking from left to right singing a song, the big one on the bottom walking through the grass with purple flowers, the middle sized one standing on them with eye closed, and the small one standing on the very top. Each bird has a blue speech bubble with a note in it, the top a single note, middle is a double note, and the bottom is a triple note.

colorful cut paper birds (light green, grey, brown, yellow, blue, orange, and pink) in many sizes and shapes, on dark red background with white spots

painting of colorful birds (light green, grey, yellow, dark blue, reddish purple, and purple) in many sizes and shapes, on blue background with white & blue clouds, light & dark green leaves, mint green dots, light purple stars, and a sun in the upper right corner

Little blue bird wearing a crown while standing on a vase of flowers (yellow vase with red hearts & red and pink flowers), talking to a girl (pink speech bubble with darker pink music notes in it). Girl has short brown hair, a long sleeved purple top, and blue pants, and is leaning on the table with the vase. She has a piece of pepperoni and pinapple pizza on the table.

pink and grey birdhouse with mama and baby bird in the nest in the middle. nest is made up of green and dark blue paper pieces with hearts on them

5 colorful mushrooms with white spots, in different sizes, with brown stems, and small black and white spotted birds all around. Mushroom colors from L to R: red, light blue, orange, light green, and purple

red and white Christmas trees with a dark green background. \from L to R: 1. three tier red tree with white spots 2. tall tree trunk with small triangle at the top, white with red circles with branches in them and red dots 3. red three tier with white horizontal lines 4. tall white triangle with red lines for branches 5. small red triangle with a zig zag of dots down the middle, and horizontal strips on either side 6. Tall dotted tree with a rounded bottom 7. tall red triangle tree, with long white trunk, and a big white star in the middle, with dots too 8. white three tiered rounded tree, with red patterns and a red bird on it

bluebird made out of buttons standing on a branch with leaves, also made out of buttons, on a solid color maroon paper background

letters spelling out the word HAND on a grey background, stacked, with HA on top, and ND on the bottom. H  = orange with black spots. A = red, with a maroon triangle facing down on the top, and zigzag border on bottom, and inside the triangle. N = dark blue with white spots. D = maroon, with wavy white border on top and bottom and a tan cut out, with a blue bird with a green beak inside it.

Green bird hugging purple and white spotted egg sitting on nest, with one violet growing next to the egg. (Egg is purple with white spots on left side and opposite on right side.) Under the nest, it says, “NEST” in brown letters with gold spots, and two green stripes down the letter s to form a $ symbol.

sloth wearing purple pants, pink shoes, and a red tie and suspenders with yellow flowers, standing on a tree branch and holding on to another branch above while waving. lots of green leaves and some blue sky in the background

eight kids of different races standing together like in a class photo - only their torsos are showing