Please scroll down to see some of my recent children's art.

cow and chicken pirates (both wearing red and white striped shirts and the cow has a red bandana on her head), on a wooden platform with grass at the bottom of the image and water all around. the chicken is standing on a purple bucket, they have a black flag with white crossed bones on it, and at the top, it says, “YO HO HO” in black cut paper letters, the Y and H letters are striped, and the Os have crossed bones in them. the water shows through the stripes and bones.

two groups pass each other in the rain, going in opposite directions, on a sidewalk full of puddles. Left: Alligator with a large yellow bird on their back, holding a purple and white umbrella, with a smaller yellow bird on their back, holding a reddish-purple and green umbrella. Right: child wearing a light green dragon raincoat with tiny white polka dots and dark green spikes on the head and back, with matching boots, and darker green pants with large white polka dots. child is carrying a brown tabby cat and has a brown and orange bird on their head

(Left Side): Green letters say: “WAIT FOR ME!” A child in a rocket ship flies behind (Right Side): Six colorful birds fly at night, with light gold clouds and stars in the medium blue sky. Top to bottom: 1. green bird with orange wings & eye, and a dark blue beak 2. dark red bird with grey wings & eye, and a red beak 3. red bird with dark red wings & eye, and a grey beak 4. dark blue bird with green wings & eye (eye closed), and an orange beak 5. orange bird with dark blue wings & eye, and a green beak 6. grey bird with red wings & eye, and a dark red beak

pink bird in flight with blue and purple wings stretched back in blue thought bubble, and girl in pink, blue, and purple swimsuit jumping off a diving board with arms and legs back echoing the bird’s wings and tail, and water below.

night sky with stars and clouds and a bright 3/4 moon. 5 colorful buildings next to sidewalk and grass. the library is in the middle, and the other four buildings are apartments, some windows have people or animals in them.

chicken with bright colored flowers and green leaves and stripes on her body, with yellow beak and a green smile, a red striped comb and red spotted wattle, brown and grey striped legs, and yellow shoes that tie, walking through grass and flowers with a dark blue circle around her, and a sun and cloud in the sky - sun has whit dots in the circle and none outside it. “SPRING Chicken”” is written in green below, and there are green chicken tracks around the writing.

collage of a blue chicken with big blue comb reading a book and sitting on an egg (that has a field of poppies pattern on it) in a nest, with blue clouds in the sky

2 colors, white background, with image in dark blue paint, with white details: tree in the middle with bunny on one side and fox on the other, with a star filled sky and a moon on the right (not quite half full)

2 colors, white background, with image in dark blue paint, with white details: owl with stars and a moon (not quite half full) above

big bunny wearing red glasses, looking up at a spider (also wearing glasses) coming down from above, holding a book titled, “Too Many Rabbits” and the back cover says, “How to Find (word that’s cut off, but might be Peace)”, surrounded by lots of smaller rabbits all wearing different colored glasses

unicorn with pink and purple striped glasses driving a van with a picture of them reading a book with a purple star on the back, the van also says, “Unicorn’s Book Mobile” on the top right, and “Read and Sparkle” on the lower right, with a purple star below the text

cow with red glasses laying in grass on stomach reading a book with colorful spotted butterflies on the back cover. bird with blue glasses standing on cow’s back and reading over her shoulders. three spotted butterflies in red, yellow, and blue in background.

7 witches holding brooms posing for a photo. the first 4 have their brooms tipped up. the witch in the back row is wearing sunglasses, is laughing, and has an owl on her hat brim. the two witches in the 2nd row: left is looking down and has a spider web with a spider on her hat. right has a sleeping bat on her broom, bottom row l to r: end witch is looking up and is surprised, and has a cat peeking out from behind her. 2nd witch looking uangry, with broom horizontal in front of her, two witches on the right end are laughing and having fun together

tiny mermaid in the water wearing a tanktop with a smiling star on it waving hello. below her  is the ocean floor, with sea grass, an eel, starfish, shells, fish, and an octopus

girl wearing cape plays hopscotch

3 witches (l to r: mom, daughter, grandma) with curly hair, black dresses and pointy hats, and black and white striped socks and white shoes holding three cats (l to r, sleepy, angry in a carrying harness like a baby, and sitting up)

Girl pulling a rabbit out of a hat, except that it's not a rabbit. It's a bear wearing bunny ears! The rabbit is hiding behind the girl's legs.