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Black cat with pink nose peeking out from behind big green leaves of a potted plant, with the top of the planter in light blue with dark blue spots showing. Bright yellow and mustard yellow dots in the background.

reddish textured background with lamp coming down from the top on the left side shining down on a yellow cat who is leaning away from a blue dog who is wagging their tail. cat is looking over at a green bird flying by, and in the top right, there's a sketch of the same scene on a bright yellow rectangle

two black cats in the grass, one sitting up on the left and one laying down on the right, with tall red and purple poppies above them, small yellow flowers near them, orange spotted butterflies around them, with one on the left cat's tail, and a blue sky and clouds behind

from left to right: in water, mermaid "Mermaid" and cow with fish tail "MooMaid", sitting on a rock, cat with fish tail "Meowmaid", in boat (S. S. Squirrel) is a squirrel holding a pitcher of lemonade with lemons in it "Squirrel with Lemonade!" all the mermaids are looking at the squirrel

pencil sketch on cream colored paper of a night sky with two clouds, a unicorn jumping over a moon, and a cow watching in amazement from the grass below

pink and grey birdhouse with mama and baby bird in the nest in the middle. nest is made up of green and dark blue paper pieces with hearts on them

night sky with stars and clouds and a bright 3/4 moon. 5 colorful buildings next to sidewalk and grass. the library is in the middle, and the other four buildings are apartments, some windows have people or animals in them.

Red bird with a yellow wing standing on top of the word, “EARLY” and pulling up a worm that is the letter L. The word EARLY is sunrise colors from purple at the bottom to yellow at the top. The sunrise colors go between the letters too, but in more muted tones. A bright yellow sun comes out of the top of the letters behind the red bird.

3 bluebirds, 5 bees, and 6 reddish-purple hyacinths, with one of the birds sitting ona flower that is drooping over under the weight of the bird, with a light blue sky and grass below

purple penguin surrounded by purple flowers, with an aqua background and more flowers in black ink outlines

sloth wearing purple pants, pink shoes, and a red tie and suspenders with yellow flowers, standing on a tree branch and holding on to another branch above while waving. lots of green leaves and some blue sky in the background

girl in purple striped shirt standing on grass while bees buzz around and animals peek out from behind her (chicken, pig, cow, donkey, panda, giraffe, seagull, elephant, bear, lion, and bunny)

Circle representing the Earth, with  green parts for land and blue parts for ocean. The green and blue areas are made up of lots of line drawings of birds in either blue or green, with tiny green and blue lines in the spaces between the birds

big bunny wearing red glasses, looking up at a spider (also wearing glasses) coming down from above, holding a book titled, “Too Many Rabbits” and the back cover says, “How to Find (word that’s cut off, but might be Peace)”, surrounded by lots of smaller rabbits all wearing different colored glasses

navy blue watercolor owl with white eyes, wings, feet, beak, and pattern on belly, with navy watercolor stars and moon (not quite half full), on a aqua vertical panel, with greyish blue panels on either side and a navy border all around, with a white border around that